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eCourse Program Tracks

  • Management & Leadership Track
  • Human Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Career Transition
  • HR Compliance

Management & Leadership Track

You are in the right place if you are looking for developmental opportunities to lead others. These courses help develop skills in individuals who are:

-       Preparing to manage others.

-       New to the role of a supervisor or manager.

-       Looking for refresher courses in management.

-       Responsible for creating the organization’s vision, culture, and goals.

-       Business owners looking to be better leaders.

Human Resources

The HR function is important to any organization no matter how large or small. We help supervisors, managers, leaders, and business owners learn the latest in talent management in areas such as: hiring, developing a wellness program, or employee relations. Don’t make mistakes that can cost your organization tens of thousands of dollars, destroy morale, or create a hostile work environment. Learn how to cultivate a better organization.

Professional Development

Build Your Brand & Professional Image!

Balancing work, life, and your professional development has become a little easier. In today’s competitive work environment, top performers are needed. You can position yourself to reach your goals. You are in charge of your career. Whether you are just entering the workforce or an experienced professional, lifelong learning is necessary. Our courses are for active adults needing flexible ways to build their skills and personal brand. We provide affordable professional development. Our courses cover several industries.

The courses include a participant guide and quick reference guide for the learners use while completing the course and after the course is completed.

You are in the right place if you are:

-       Wanting to improve your success as an employee.

-       Looking to learn new skills.

-       Ready to enter the fast track to a better career.

-       In need of continued education units.

Career Transition

Career change is driven by choice or by needs of the organization. Why you are making the change is not as important as making sure you know how to make it quickly. We have done the work of finding the best practices, strategies employers are using to select their next talent, and reducing the frustration of going through the career change process. Opportunities await you. Now let us help make them aware of you.  

Human Resources Compliance

Organizations need to ensure they are in compliance and have properly prepared their employees. BLeU has compliance training for organizations that need to educate managers and employees. Inclusion and diversity is a talent management imperative that is known to improve business results. We understand that and have help others drive performance. Enroll your staff now to improve your organization’s capabilities.